Two Year Plan Outline 


December 2015: Meeting 1, Cyprus

  • Clarification of the management, organization and communication plan
  • Explanation of the activities and the deliverables, including their timeframe
  • Plan of action by Output Leaders
  • Discuss the structure and technical specifications of the DPP (O1/A1) and the development of the DPP Tool (O2/A1)
  • Discuss the survey for the needs of university students, career officers and employers (O1/A2)
  • Project Image (logo)
  • Web design structure
  • Indicators of progress (QA Strategy+ Contingency plan)
  • Dissemination Plan
  • Internal Evaluation


June 2016: Meeting 2, Italy 

  • Dissemination leaflets and material for the project
  • Discussion of Output 1 Results
  • Outputs 2 (A2), O3 (A1), O4 (A1/A2) plan of implementation
  • Design and development of the Database/Platform (O3/A1)
  • Testing and technical adjustments of the Database (O2/A2)
  • Design the structure and gather the material needed for the DP User Guide (O4/A1) and development of the content (O4/A2)
  • Discussion for the organisation of C1- Training activity in Greece



 November 2016: Meeting 3, Greece

  • Progress on the testing and technical adjustment of the DPP (O2/A2)
  • Progress on design and development of the Database/Platform (O3/A1) and discussion for its testing and technical adjustment (O3/A2)
  • Progress on the development of the content for the Guidebook (O4/A2)
  • Discussion for translations in all partner languages (O2/A3, O4/A3)
  • Coordination for the 1st multiplier local events and announcements
  • Design, structure and pilot testing arrangements for the training course for University students (O5/A1, A2)
  • Implementation of the C1 Training activity
  • Internal Evaluation- Begin assessment procedure on the pilot testing phases


April 2017: Meeting 4, Austria

  • Promotion activities for upcoming events
  • Dissemination leaflets and material for the project and the upcoming 2nd Local multiplier events (E2, E4, E6, E8, E10, E12, E14)
  • Launch the Digital Portfolio Portal
  • Finalisation and presentation of the Digital Portfolio Database
  • Progress on translation of the content of the DP User Guidebook
  • Feedback from the pilot testing of the EDIPUS training course
  • Internal Evaluation- Begin assessment procedure
  • Final Press conference for results
  • Internal Evaluation- progress on assessment procedure for the pilot testing phases


September-October 2017: Meeting 5, Cyprus

  • Closure of any outstanding issues
  • Internal Evaluation reports
  • Preparation of Final report


  Gantt Chart of the project